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From Sunday Hospitality comes Rule of Thirds, a restaurant in collaboration with friends and neighbors, George Padilla and JT Vuong (both formerly of Okonomi). Japanese home cooking styles and izakaya culture are transported to New York via local ingredients and neighborhood inspiration

“Our restaurant, Rule of Thirds, is named after the guiding theory that the most compelling visual compositions are achieved through asymmetrical balance. What happens at the intersections of the grid is really interesting. This is a dream project for me that connects the dots between so many talented people whose work I’ve admired for a while—  our graphic designers, interior designer, sake importers, ceramicists, and business partners from Sunday Hospitality—  they are all longtime friends that JT & I met years ago while working at Okonomi // Yuji Ramen. Through this collaboration, we’re aiming to foster a community around Japanese food, drinks, and shared time together. “ 

-George Padilla, co-founder

“One of the most beautiful aspects of living in New York is being a situation at a cultural crossroads where appreciation of food, art, design, and music are intertwined. There is a community that supports unique expressions of the cuisine that deviate from the familiar traditions. Whether you come to our restaurant by yourself and sit at the bar with a solo bento box, or with a group of friends around a hotpot, through our cooking and hospitality we want you to feel warmly welcomed and at home.” 

-JT Vuong, chef/co-founder

a group of people sitting around a wooden table posing for the cameraJT Vuong & George Padilla